Notte Rossa

Notte Rossa

'Notte Rossa'
By Sian Norris

We arrive on Notte Rossa
to a street festooned in
pink and white balloons.
Colours of sweets
bought on childhood holidays.

I wait for you,
leaning out the bedroom window —
dreamy green shutters
battered by a blue wind —
a yearning Juliet.
All her talent for performance,
none of her tendency to melodrama. 

In my memory,
In the future,
I shall live often in this room.

On Notte Rossa
I wake to your nail scratch
on my spine.
Marvelling at our possibility.
How could it be there was once a
when we may have missed
one another.

Never to stand — 
hand-clasped —
watching pink balloons
heralding Notte Rossa.


Sian Norris is a novelist, short story writer and poet. Her first book, Greta and Boris: A daring rescue was published in 2013 by Our Street. She is currently working on a novel based around Gertrude Stein's circle, which in 2016 was long-listed for the Lucy Cavendish prize. Sian's the co-editor of the Read women project and the founder and director of the Bristol Women's Literature Festival. Her non-fiction has been published in the Guardian, the Independent, the New Statesman, 3am magazine and Open Democracy. 

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